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Luxtravel Thailand is a family owned destination management company based in Chiangmai. We create all our detailed journeys for each guest and manage all on-the-ground services in Thailand throughout the entire journey.

We use our extensive local experience, expert guides and wide connections to create private, custom-made and flexible Itineraries for families, couples and small groups. Our upscale guests come from from a wide range of locations including Europe, North and South America, Austalia and New Zealand.

Over many years we have explored Thailand and the region in-depth and we can share our first-hand knowledge and recommendations. Whether our guests interests lie in culture and history, adventure, culinary pursuits, a beach holiday or an ultra luxury experience, we can create a unique, immersive experience with the higest level of personal service.

Fon Page, Managing Director at Luxtravel Thailand


Managing Director

Fon is the Founder and General Manager of Luxtravel Thailand and a native of Chiang Mai and ensures the seamless operation of the company. With more than 12 years’ experience in the travel industry, creating and managing the best possible experiences for upscale clients from France, Switzerland and many other countries. Her aim is to immerse clients in the local food, culture and nature and provide personal service, so that they go home with unforgettable memories from Thailand. Fon loves exploring the different regions and food of Thailand, meeting with suppliers and making personal connections on her travels.

Kelvin Page, Sales and Product Manager at Luxtravel Thailand


Sales and Product Manager

Born and raised in New Zealand, Kelvin has lived in Thailand for more than 7 years. With a passion for the travel industry, Kelvin has explored more than 30 countries and has immersed himself in the known and unknown of Southeast Asia over many years. With an in-depth knowledge of Thailand, Kelvin brings product knowledge, client relationship experience, and a deep understanding of designing and managing bespoke private trips for upscale clients.



We have been providing our guests with immmersive travel experiences in Thailand for a long time. We have been to the places, made local connections, stayed at the hotels and found the best restaurants. It's how we know exactly where you should go.


We pay special attention to every detail, from designing the itinerary to your time in the country, We can assist our guests with almost any request, from flights, transport, special interests or itinerary change.


Sustainable travel is important to us and we make sure that all our immersive journeys give something back. We do this by supporting local communities and businesses and making genuine connections. We inspect our suppliers to make sure they follow sustainalbe practices.


Get in touch with us to discuss your travel interests and accommodation preferences. Or discover more about our destinations and immersive experiences in South-East Asia.

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